Thursday, June 17, 2004

Back to Hospital

We went back to hospital for a few hours today to prepare for an MIBG scan. I am not sure of the technical details, but the scan will detect if there are anymore tumours. Because of the favourable pathology so far, we don't expect any nasties to be detected.

The preparation involved an intravenous injection of an isotope. Kara was there for the injection which was a change because I have been there for most of the previous procedures while Kara has looked after Sophie. I am glad she had a chance because it is very special to be able to comfort your child at such a time. Kara tells me that it went well with just a few tears and Amelia was very brave.

Amelia's neurology specialist, Dr. Grattan Smith, is still away, so we didn't have chance to discuss Amelia's OMS symptoms today, but we did see Amelia in a new environment and we noticed that there does seem to be an improvement. The hand tremor is nearly gone and her overall coordination seems to be better. She is still stumbling around like she is a little bit drunk, but not as much as before. It will be very interesting to hear Grattan Smith's observations after he has not seen her for two weeks.

Amelia's tantrums are still a problem. She had an appauling outburst today when I took her and Emma to the supermarket to get the groceries and a milkshake. As usual, I did the groceries first, but about half way though Amelia wanted her milkshake and wouldn't be told to be patient and wouldn't stop whining and screaming. Eventually I had to go straight home and put her in her room, with no milkshake and only half the shopping done.

We are also concerned about Amelia's speach. Her sentences are complete and complex, but just slow and we can't tell if it has improved since the operation or not.


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