Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Settling back home

Today was the best day for a long time. Amelia's was so well behaved that she didn't have to go to her room once, which hasn't happened for months (excepting hospital visits!). Kara and I noted several incidents that would have previously caused tantrums, pass without any unusual behaviour.

Last night's strange behaviour has not reappeared, so we hope it was a one off occurence caused by over tiredness and a change in her medication.

The highlight of the day was Amelia wearing her new fairy dress to the zoo. The sight of a pretty little fairy wandering around caused a great deal of interest and comments from the other zoo visitors. She had been desperately waiting to get the dress for over a week, and she loves it so much that she took it to bed with her.

Hopefully, with some more settled days like this, Amelia's language and coordination will continue to improve.


Blogger Lisa and Justina said...

Hey Guys,
Lisa here.... glad to hear that the IV prednisone is out of the way. Will she be getting this on a monthly basis?
Just wanted to let you know that being tired always made Justina's OMS rear it's ugly head.... even if it was minimal symptoms.
When she'd first wake up and at night before bed were the worst times. This is not uncommon for most OMS kids, especially in the beginning of getting OMS.
Even now her speech is especially severe impaired when she is tired which in turn can set off frustration and lead to a tantrum. It seems OMS kids need a nice tight schedule and lots of rest.
I'm so pleased to hear that she IS improving with the prednisone. In a majority of cases the prednisone isn't enough at the beginning. And I'm even more pleased to read that she didn't go psychotic with the IV steroids. :)
Justina used to have an adorable purple fairy dress that she'd wear everywhere. Like Amelia she got great compliments. I must say that our girls have good taste. hehe
Enjoy your visit with Ellie and her family. We have met them a couple times as we used to live a couple hours from her family. You'll find a certain comfort in meeting another OMS family in the flesh.
Much Peace,
Lisa, Justina and family

Thursday, July 01, 2004 2:59:00 pm  

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