Saturday, August 14, 2004

IVIG and colds

Amelia got her second infusion of IVIG on Thursday 12th. Medically it went very well, it was done over 6 hours (as opposed to 12 hours for the first one) and there were no complications. Organisationally it went quite badly, Amelia and I arrived at 9:30am and we didn't get the infusion started until 5:00pm which meant that we finally got home at 1:00am! Amelia didn't sleep at all, but fortunately she wasn't irritable and so it wasn't too bad. A few weeks earlier this sort of a day would have produced multiple screaming tantrums.

We were in the neurology ward again, and there was the usual array of depressing cases. For the first time I noticed that Amelia got upset by seeing one of the other patients. There was a boy with a tracheo(sp?) in his neck that made metalic hissing sounds when he tried to talk and this really freaked Amelia out. My Aunt, who we haven't seen for a while has a permanent tracheo, so we will have to prepare her before their next meeting. Being is a shared ward of six beds, we overheard a 14 year old girl next to us tell a social worker her life story, which was interesting and luckily she was only in for a broken bone. I hope I never meet her again, I would know too much about her to be comfortable!

Amelia, Emma and I all got terrible colds in the days after the IVIG. Initially, we didn't think Amelia got it, because she didn't show any typical cold symptoms, but her OMS symptoms (irritability and sleeping problems) flared up quite badly, and we think it was probably the virus doing it. A relapse due to a virus is quite typical of OMS. Hopefully when the virus goes, the OMS symptoms will too. This is one of the worse colds I have had for years, I have had two days in bed and after seven days I still feel fatigued. Such bad timing!


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